Workshop on Geometry, Integrability and Supersymmetry

22-27 August 2021, Yerevan, Armenia

List of participants

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1. Gleb Arutyunov  
Hamburg University  
New integrable coset sigma models
2. Maneh Avetisyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
Universalizing the refined Chern-Simons on S3
3. Zhirayr Avetisyan  
UC Santa Barbara
Global hyperbolicity and factorization in cosmological models
4. Hrachya Babujian  
Yerevan Physics Institute
Asymptotic factorization of n-particle SU(N) form factors
6. Cestmir Burdik  
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics JINR and FNSPE CTU in Prague
Nested Bethe Ansatz for RTT-Algebra An
7. Sergey Fedoruk  
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics, JINR
Gauged models of supersymmetric hyperbolic Calogero systems
8. Ashot Gevorkyan to be confirmed
Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems NAS of RA/ Institute of Chemical Physics NAS of RA
Hidden Dynamical Symmetry and Quantum Thermodynamics From the First Principles
9. Tigran Hakobyan  
Yerevan State University
Dynamical symmetry in generalized Calogero model
10. Alexey Isaev  
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics, JINR
Split Casimir operator for simple Lie algebras, solutions of Yang-Baxter equations and Vogel parameters
11. Elena Kolganova  
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Universal three-body physics and some examples
12. Melik Karapetyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
Commutator of Higher Spin gauge transformations in linear approach
13. Erik Khastyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
14. Hovhannes Khudaverdian  
Institute for Information Transmission Problems and Manchester University
Lagrangian surfaces of different signature in odd symplectic geometry and in Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism
15. Nikolay Kozyrev  
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics, JINR
Superfield Pasti-Sorokin-Tonin action
16. Sergey Krivonos,  
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics, JINR
Integrability of N=2 supersymmetric Ruijsenaars-Schneider model
17. Ruben Manvelyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
18. Levon Mardoyan  
JINR and Yerevan State University
An alternative model of spherical oscillator
19. Ivan Masterov  
Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics
Coupling-constant metamorphosis in SL(2,R)-invariant systems
20. Andrey Mironov  
Lebedev Physical Institute & Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Recent advance in integrability: duality and double-elliptic systems
21. Karapet Mkrtchyan  
Imperial College London
Coloured Poincaré Algebra and Corresponding Particles
22. Ruben Mkrtchyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
Chern-Simons on S3 and refined topological strings
23. Nikita Nekrasov  
Simons Center for Geometry and Physics
Supersymmetric gauge theories and quantum integrability: status report
23. Armen Nersessian  
Yerevan Physics Institute
24. Sergey Pavluchenko  
Yerevan Physics Institute and UFMA, Sao Luis
Cosmological dynamics in spatially-curved Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet cosmologies
26. Arpine Piloyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
27. Mikhail Podoinitsyn  
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics, JINR
D-dimensional spin projection operators for arbitrary type of symmetry via Brauer algebra idempotents
28. Rubik Poghossian  
Yerevan Physics Institute
On RG flows relating neighboring W-minimal models
29. Hasmik Poghosyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
31. Alexei Rosly  
Institute for Information Transmission Problems & Skoltech
On the Self-Dual Yang-Mills Theory
35. Hovhannes Shmavonyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
32. Yakov Shnir  
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics, JINR
Boson Constellations
33. Stepan Sidorov  
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics, JINR
Spin multiplet (3,4,1) of supersymmetric mechanics
34. Mariam Stepanyan  
Yerevan Physics Institute
37. Nikolay Tyurin  
Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR
Special Bohr - Sommerfeld geometry
38. Tigran Zakaryan  
Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Ashtarak
39. Yegor Zenkevich  
Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics and SISSA
On elliptic deformation of quantum toroidal algebras